About Us

Menlo Together is a group of Menlo Park and Peninsula residents who envision a city that is integrated and diverse, multi-generational, and environmentally sustainable. Our group includes longtime and new residents, from Belle Haven to Sharon Heights, with experience in a wide range of policies, and local organizations focused on housing, transportation, environmental sustainability and social equity.


  • Adina Levin
  • Ernesto Reyes
  • Diane Bailey
  • Julie Shanson
  • Ken Chan
  • Karen Grove
  • Michele Tate
  • Ofelia Bello
  • Pam Jones
  • Rachel Horst


  • Karen Camacho
  • Jennifer Wolosin
  • Evan Goldin
  • How to join:
    • Check out our mission, vision, and values here.
    • Email us at menlotogether@gmail.com and we’ll answer any questions you might have and invite you to our next meeting.  
    • Participate at least twice a year (in a variety of ways) to become a voting member.

Groups can join Menlo Together as coalition members by agreeing to our mission, vision, and values statement here

From Left to Right: Chris Sturken, Pam Jones, Karen Grove, Karen Camacho, Angie Evans, Adina Levin, Jen Wolosin, and Diane Bailey
Not pictured: Ernesto Reyes, Evan Goldin, and Heather Hopkins
From Left to Right:
Karen Grove, Chris Sturken, Jen Wolosin, Angie Evans (back row)
Adina Levin, Rachel Horst, Diane Bailey, Julie Shanson (front row)

Contact us at menlotogether@gmail.com