About Us

About Us

Menlo Together is a group of Menlo Park and Peninsula residents who envision a city that is integrated and diverse, multi-generational, and environmentally sustainable. Our group includes longtime and new residents, from Belle Haven to Sharon Heights, with experience in a wide range of policies, and local organizations focused on housing, transportation, environmental sustainability, and racial equity.


  • Adina Levin
  • Ernesto Reyes
  • Diane Bailey
  • Julie Shanson
  • Ken Chan
  • Karen Grove
  • Michele Tate
  • Ofelia Bello
  • Pam Jones
  • Rachel Horst
  • Deadra Lampkin
  • Heather Hopkins
  • Katie Behroozi


  • Karen Camacho
  • Jennifer Wolosin
  • Evan Goldin

How to Join:

Become a Member:

  1. Members agree with our Values, Visions, and Goals and share one or more of our goals.
  2. Members will be invited to join working groups and other activities.
  3. Members must participate at least twice a year in a variety of ways (signing petitions, attending an event, writing to a city council, or relevant commissions), to stay members.

Groups can join Menlo Together as coalition members by agreeing to our mission, vision, and values statement.

From Left to Right: Pam D Jones, Rachel Horst, Deadra Lampkin, Karen Camacho, Heather Hopkins, Diane Bailey, Karen Grove, Michele Tate, Julie Shanson, Adina Levin, and Ken Chan
Not pictured: Ernesto Reyes, Evan Goldin, Chris Sturken, Angie Evans, and Jen Wolosin
From Left to Right:
Karen Grove, Chris Sturken, Jen Wolosin, Angie Evans (back row)
Adina Levin, Rachel Horst, Diane Bailey, Julie Shanson (front row)

Contact us at menlotogether@gmail.com

Menlo Together is a fiscally sponsored project of Foundation for Regional Transit
IRS nonprofit 501c3, EIN 94-3196927