Values, Vision, and Goals

Who we are

We are a group of Peninsula residents from all walks of life, who take an active interest in the way local government shapes our communities. We participate in many ways, whether giving public comment at City meetings, serving on Menlo Park commissions, or working for organizations that engage other Menlo Park residents.

All of us care about authentic community engagement. We understand that the policy decisions of today will have consequences for decades to come, and it’s on us to get it right. We believe that to meet the challenges our region faces, we need to take thoughtful and meaningful action in three key areas: housing, transportation, and environmental sustainability.

Our Values

Equity | Sustainability | Inclusion | Health | Racial and Economic Justice

Our Vision

We envision a city that is integrated and diverse, multi-generational, and environmentally sustainable. We envision an accessible and inviting downtown Menlo Park, with housing at all affordability levels, much less solo driving and with pedestrian and bike-friendly spaces, developed to produce zero net greenhouse gasses.

Our Goals

  • Protecting community stability through tenant protections.  
  • Increasing the availability and affordability of housing, especially downtown, near transit.
  • Providing safe and healthy transportation options; and
  • Improving our built environment and transportation infrastructure to reduce our carbon footprint.

How we’ll get there

Going on record. We promote our vision in public meetings and forums, on weeknights and weekends, in Menlo Park and throughout the region. We amplify our advocacy by connecting the issues across sectors, building relationships with our neighbors, and showing up for our collective vision.

Educating ourselves and others. We get informed about the choices facing the city, the history that brought us here, and the options for the region’s future. We organize education sessions for the public to help us all make informed decisions that move us towards an inspiring future.