Menlo Together 2019 Priorities

Menlo Together Policy Priority Areas 2019

Every year, the Menlo Park City Council discusses and sets its priorities for the coming year. Below are the priorities that we will recommend to the Council.


Protect vulnerable Menlo Park residents from displacement and keep our communities intact.

  • Adopt the Tenant Relocation Assistance ordinance, as proposed by the Housing Commission.
  • Dedicate resources specifically to supporting landlords and tenants in proportion to the 42% of Menlo Park residents who rent.
  • Direct the Housing Commission to study a Just Cause Eviction ordinance.

Reduce the jobs/housing imbalance.

  • Direct staff to proactively approach affordable housing development, including identifying sites and funding, near transit and services. Include available public and surplus land in this effort.
  • Increase height limits and ease parking requirements as appropriate for new housing developments located near transit.
  • Direct staff to report quarterly on the jobs/housing balance; include developments that have been approved, entitled, and occupied. Make these reports publicly available on the city’s website.


Accelerate Carbon Reductions.

  • Adopt a policy requiring all new buildings be Zero Carbon and Fossil Free. Build on recommendations of Environmental Quality Commission (EQC), e.g. adoption of CalGreen reach codes in 2019 building code update and expansion of Bayfront green building standards to other zones (El Camino Real/Downtown Specific Plan).
  • Adopt a new Climate Action Plan (CAP), as recommended by EQC. Include a more comprehensive assessment of carbon pollution from transportation (e.g. including in-commuting and upstream emissions) and mitigation and resilience measures.


Establish a city-wide bike and pedestrian network that is safe for 8-80 year olds.

  • Direct staff and Complete Streets Commission to recommend the top two priority projects and build them. Examples may include: connecting Belle Haven to Burgess, and/or Burgess to Hillview.
  • Direct the Complete Streets Commission to study and formulate citywide road standards to improve safety and calm traffic.
  • Create a full-time staff position for bike and pedestrian safety.

Improve access to downtown and reduce solo driving mode share to 50%.

  • Direct staff to study/adopt policies on parking management, and to consider other access improvements such as improved shuttle or innovative mobility options.
  • Implement a city-wide Transportation Management Association (TMA) with geographic operating areas by end of 2019.

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