Setting the Tone for 2019: City Council Goal Setting update and next steps

Thanks to everyone who sent comments regarding the City Council goal-setting. Menlo Together Core Team members attended, commented, and reported. Here are updates on the outcomes of the February 2 meeting and the next steps to address the issues that matter to you, including housing, transportation, and sustainability. Priority-setting is coming back to Council on February 26 for final review.

The Council prioritized the consideration of a Tenant Relocation Assistance ordinance in response to rampant displacement of Menlo Park residents. For more updates on next steps, click here. Unfortunately, the Council did not advance Just Cause Eviction as a priority.

Though not a priority at this time, the Council directed the Housing Commission to proactively identify public and surplus land and funding resources for transit-oriented, affordable housing.

The Council did not advance a proposal for a quarterly report on jobs/housing balance available to the public via the city website. The ConnectMenlo General Plan is coming back to Council for review in March, and that is a good time to demand reporting on this information.

The Council requested that the Complete Streets Advisory Committee make recommendations for a robust bicycle and pedestrian network. They also recommended that the city explore participation in a regional transportation management association that would recommend and implement traffic mitigation strategies.

The Council requested that the Environmental Quality Commission make recommendations for an ordinance to adopt the CalGreen Reach Codes for 2019. This would include cost effective energy efficiency and carbon-free energy standards (encouraging pollution free, all electric new construction) that surpass those mandated by law. Council also recommended to extend the Bayfront neighborhood green building (zoning) codes to the El Camino Real corridor and downtown specific plan subject areas.

However, the Council did not give a deadline and the item is time-sensitive. Council would need to make a decision this year for Menlo Park to be one of 32 cities piloting this climate-friendly policy.  

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