Affordable Teacher Housing at Flood School Site

The Ravenswood City School District is proposing to produce affordable housing on the former Flood School Site (at 321 Sheridan Dr.), which they own, and which is in Menlo Park. The homes would be restricted to people who qualify by income level, and RCSD staff would have first priority to live there.

In addition to producing much-needed affordable housing for education staff, the project would generate sustainable revenue for the district on the order of 1-2% of current budget. Click here for more information about the school district’s proposal.

Menlo Park, like all Bay Area cities, is currently drafting its Housing Element — which is the plan for where and how affordable homes could be built over an 8-year period. The former Flood School site has been identified as a site with the opportunity to produce some of the 1500 affordable homes we are required to plan for this cycle.

On Tuesday, May 3rd, 7pm. the City of Menlo Park is holding public input meeting about the project.

Here are actions you can take to support affordable housing for teachers and school staff:

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