Menlo Park Environmental Justice Community Gathering – Preparing for Action

Update – check out the presentation and Zoom recording from last Friday’s community education meeting, with important information about the history of environmental injustice in Menlo Park and key recommendations from the community outreach over the last 15 months.

Menlo Park Environmental Justice Community Gathering

This Friday, June 16, from 5-6pm, join Menlo Park residents and allies for an overview of progress to date on the first ever Environmental Justice Element for Menlo Park, next steps toward city decisions, and what you can do.

On June 20th, the Menlo Park will hold its first study session with the City Council and Planning Commission introducing the Environmental Justice/Safety Element and preview its process toward refining the documents and making decisions. 

For the first time, Menlo Park is preparing an Environmental Justice Element with the aim to create policies and programs that address long-standing environmental inequities in the city. At the same time, the city will update its Safety Element to reduce existing and future hazards due to the impacts of climate change.

Join us to get ready:

  • Hear a brief but substantive overview from long standing community leaders about the city’s history of environmental injustice
  • Learn about the robust leadership and input from the Belle Haven community in gathering needs and making recommendations
  • Get a concise update about key recommendations, and how you can support meaningful decisions in the days and months ahead. 

Now is the time for action because together, we can make meaningful change to help our city become more equitable and sustainable! 

Please share with family, friends, and organizations

In 2022, the Belle Haven Climate Change Community Team, led by Climate Resilient Communities, gathered data from over 400 residents of Menlo Park’s historically disadvantaged and marginalized communities on how climate change affects them. 

For background on Menlo Park’s Environmental Justice Element click here.

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